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Behavior of an unsuccessful person

Everyone somehow strives for success in many areas of life, but only a few achieve their goals. Behavior and thinking can help to conquer the world or lead to a huge failure. The conscious analysis of their actions leads to an understanding of what is needed and what not to do in certain situations. In this article we will focus on the mistakes that most people commit. In many ways, they are the reason for the failure.


One of the main problems of modern man – reluctance to take the first step. It is associated with the fear of failure, fear of success and financial expenditure. And it does not matter the scale of the project or task, because procrastination gets into all areas of activity.

This disease can be overcome in various ways, but the most effective action will be breaking the problem into several parts and their consistent implementation.

Gary Kelly and Brian Tracy in his books wrote the same thing: “Who learns to concentrate on one thing at a time, will be able to conquer the world.”


When unsuccessful people do not get what they want, then they start looking for the guilty. They refuse to take personal responsibility for their mistakes and realize that the choice made, for which he paid. It’s easy – to justify the failure of external factors that are out of control.

Successful people acknowledge their mistakes. This proactive behavior leads to the analysis of experience and understanding of what has been done wrong.


Speculation is important to do on the basis of facts, arguments and logic. But unsuccessful people have their own opinions, often not based on anything other than emotion or feeling. They do not understand the situation, do not try to understand it, make assumptions and act. As a result, fail and blame the other (second paragraph).

The compulsive desire to make empty assumptions leads to the fact that people, even with all the opportunities to learn the facts, so limit yourself, that does not bother their elucidation. He just knows.

You need every day to put a question: “Why?” And “How?”:

Why this failure occurred? How to make sure that this does not happen again?
As the influence of this man?
Talking instead of listening to

Logic suggests that listening – much more effective than talking, because you can find more information and then use it. But unsuccessful people no longer speak, because inside sitting unsatisfied ego, which is necessary to saturate. They also believe that they know more than others, so do not want to learn and improve their skills.

Successful people know how to listen to and love. Thus they not only know more, but also to build a healthy relationship, which then become the cause of success.

play for safety

Every day we somehow accept the decision, in which there is a risk. Even the purchase of food can result in poisoning or indigestion. But these decisions we take, because there is no opportunity to do otherwise. When it comes to business, money or big opportunities, unsuccessful people automatically refuse to risk.

No nothing will give you a 100% guarantee. But you can always increase your chances of success if you work on yourself, to carefully analyze the information and make intelligent decisions.

Give up

Not successful people always give up, justifying it with a dozen reasons. One of the most popular: “It’s not mine. I was just looking for you. ” This may be the right approach, once or twice, but when such a situation is repeated too often, it’s a man. The bottom line is the frequent change of priorities – it is the behavior of a spoiled child, unwilling to accept the world and the problems for what they are.

To envy

This is one of the most destructive emotions. Unsuccessful people are jealous of others because they have been successful, which ones (in their opinion) did not deserve. On the envious thought out a huge amount of time, in addition, it undermines the psychology and repels people.

Successful people also enjoyed the successes of others, it inspires them.

Spend time

Here are the things on which we usually spend time in vain:

Surfing the Internet;
Social networks;
Idle pastime.
The amount can accumulate about five hours a day, which could have been spent on the things that lead to success and happiness: the development of skills, learning English, parenting. Surprisingly, stop doing this nonsense, people automatically begins to develop.

Wait failure

Unsuccessful people will never admit it. They say that the tried hard, but in the case entered uncontrollable external factors that have prevented. In fact, inside they were hoping for failure, because success would lead to increased responsibility and increased performance.

The focus on the wrong things

We have already said that to waste time – a bad habit.
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